The AGM 2015 is now closed

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Mar 062015

The NSID AGM 2015 is now completed and closed – with a new record in number of participants. We thank all participants for showing interest and getting involved in this important yearly event.

Everything on the agenda was approved, and the NSID Committee for 2015 elected.

We thank the Election Committee – Noora Karjalainen – for all the hard work counting up the votes, and congratulate the members of this year’s committee, which consists of:

Chairwoman: Anna Helgadóttir
Treasurer: Katrin Lindberg
Information Coordinator: Anna Charlotte (Lotte) Amdal Neumayer
Promotion coordinator: Catherine Zweidorff Aarkvisla
Feis coordinator: Åse Kristine Waglen
Member: Katja Mattila

Remember to check in regularly, here, and on our Facebook page, for updated NSID information, hints and tips on dance activity in the Nordic countries. And do not hesitate to contact us at: contactnsid(a) if you have any questions, news or information.

See you online and at the Nordic Feis in October.
Irish Dancers Rock

The AGM 2015 is now open

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Feb 262015

The online NSID Annual General Meeting (AGM) is now open. Participate here: NSID AGM 2015.

The AGM closes Thursday 5th of March.

All members of the NSID Committee run for reelection this year, also in the two new roles as “Feis coordinator” and “Promotion coordinator”, which were instituted by the NSID Committee in 2014.

The candidates up for election are:

Chairperson: Anna Helgadóttir
Treasurer: Katrin Lindberg
Information Coordinator: Anna Charlotte (Lotte) Amdal Neumayer
Feis Coordinator: Åse Kristine Waglen
Promotion coordinator: Catherine Z. Aarkvisla
Member: Katja Mattila

A presentation of the candidates can be found here.

Thank you for participating!



Happy NSID Constitution Day!

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Feb 262015

We hope you all have a great Constitution Day, filled with fun, dance and music – and participation in the online NSID AGM!

Remember to share photos from you celebration on our FB page, or on Instagram/Twitter, using #NSID and/or #NordicSocietyOfIrishDancers.




The AGM 2014 is closed.

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Feb 182014

The NSID AGM 2014 is completed and closed. Thank you for participating!

Congratulations to the new NISD committee members:  
Chairwoman – Anna Helgadóttir
Treasurer: Katrin Lindberg
Information Coordinator: Anna Charlotte (Lotte) Amdal Neumayer
Member: Catherine Zweidorff Aarkvisla
Member: Åse Kristine Waglen
Member: Katja Mattila

and to the election committee member:
Noora Karjalainen

If you have questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact the committee thru Chairwoman Anna:

AGM – NSID Committee Candidates

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Jan 282014

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will open on Thursday 30th January, it closes Thursday 13th February. A link to the AGM will be published here and on NSID’s Facebook page.

The Candidates for the NSID Comittee are:
Chairwoman – Anna Helgadóttir
Chairwoman – Hanne Yli-Parkas
Treasurer – Katrin Lindberg
Information Coordinator – Anna Charlotte (Lotte) Amdal Neumayer
Member – Catherine Zweidorff Aarkvisla
Member – Katja Mattila
Member – Åse Kristine Waglen
Election Committee – Noora Karjalainen

Download a full presentation of the Candidates: AGM – NSID Committee Candidates 2014.

Results – Nordic Feis 2013

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Nov 152013

The results from the Nordic Feis 2013 are now available for download:
Results solo competitions – Nordic Feis 2013
Results team competitions – Nordic Feis 2013

Congratulations  to the Nordic Champions 2013:
Junior Champion: Benjamin Jørgen Windborg Larsen
Runner up: Aiden Gärlund

Senior Champion: Åse Kristine Waglen
Runner up: Laura Henriikka Kätkänaho

Grade Exams

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Oct 282013

The grade exams will be held at Sound Irish Dance Factory’s studio in Kongensgate 16 on Friday 1st from 15.00, and on Sunday 3rd after 15.00. Remember to check your e-mail for the grade exams schedule.

Download information, rules and regulations about the grade exams: Grade Exam 2013.