Nordic Irish Dance Day


A day where NSID members go out to show Irish dancing to the community through different activities, such as: Céilí, workshops and performances.

Dance day was held in August 2005 for the first time. All Nordic Irish dancers are encouraged to take part in the Dance Day!

We would like to encourage all dancers go out and show some Irish dancing locally during the Dance Day! Do it with your school or your performance group or just with your friends! Join the fellowship of Irish dancers in all the Nordic countries this weekend!

Examples of activities: 

  • Mini performance on public place
    Ceili is good for this, as it can be perfomed also on concrete. If the weather is good, how about ceili in the beach? All you need is some willing dancers and a ghetto blaster….
  • Introduction class for free 
  • Performance stunt in Irish bars
    Bring hardshoes, a couple of dancers and some nice reel steps if there is live music, and in addition a cd if there is no live music. Probably good to call management in advance, but they will probably be enthusiastic about it as long as they dont have to pay for the entertainment.
  • Mini-show in a simple arena
    e.g. a school, that you can rent for cheap or borrow for free, invite friends and friends’ friends and all your family and their friends.
  • Invite to Céilí evening 
    with introduction to simple ceili dances. It does not have to be fancy, big or complicated, just go out there and share the spirit and your joy for dancing!