Yvonne & Madeleine

Yvonne & Madeleine

Nordic Society of Irish Dancers was founded February 26, 2000 by Yvonne Rosenlund with the big support of Madeleine Askelöf.

NSID was founded to connect dancers and people interested in Irish dance within the Nordic countries – to make them more easily interact and share knowledge & information with each other.

Since the start the society has grown considerably and each year the NSID organises the Nordic Feis of Irish Dancing, which is a Nordic Irish dance festival with championships in Irish dance. The Nordic Feis, which has been held since 2001, moves between the Nordic countries and consists of competitions, workshops, lectures and grade exams.

Since 2005 NSID also organises the Nordic Irish Dance Day, which is a day where Irish dancers go out to show Irish dance to the community.