Member: Catherine Zweidorff Aarkvisla


catherineMy name is Catherine Zweidorff Aarkvisla. I started Irish dancing in 2002, after years of jumping around in my bedroom listening to Riverdance (pretending to know the steps). I decided to be an Irish dancer at the age of 7 after seeing Riverdance at the Eurovision, but since I lived outside of Oslo I had to wait until I got older. I joined the NSID before I started dancing, after searching the web for information about Irish dancing for an essay I wrote.

Since then I’ve been a member, and I’ve participated at all the feisanna and NSID workshops that has been held (though most times as injured “audience”, helping out). I helped organize the Nordic feis in Oslo in 2009. I lived in Galway for two years teaching and attending classes with the Hession school of Irish dancing and the McDonagh Byrne school. While I was there, I also helped organize and worked on several feiseannas. I’ve been performing with Taranis and Sound-Irish Dance Company since 2002, and I now teach and dance with Sound-Irish Dance Factory, and worked with the choreography and layout on “Titanic” the musical when it had Norwegian premier here in Norway.

When I’m not dancing I work as a nurse, in a psychiatric unit, where I skip around doing the trebles when nobody’s watching. I also work as a photographer. My motto is: “jig like nobody is watching, reel like you mean it!”

Previous assignments:
Election committee  2012 – 2013