Member: Åse Kristine Waglen


aseI am a 28 years old girl from Oslo, Norway. I have finished my bachelor of Religion and politics, at the University of Oslo and at the moment I’m teaching Irish dancing and working part time in a flower shop her in Oslo. The plan is to start physiotherapy studies next fall. My first meeting with Irish dancing was in a local Theater production where we learnt Irish dancing; it was love at first hop 123. 4 years later I moved to Oslo and I have since then been dancing at Sound Irish Dance Factory with Hilde Juul. I’ve been teaching children and adults since 2006, and I give workshops around Oslo and perform with Sound Irish Dance Company. I became a member of The Nordic Society of Irish Dancers in 2005 when I attended my first Feis and since then I have competed and done my grades at the Nordic Feis. My further goal is to get my TCRG, some day.

To me NSID and the Nordic Feis is very important to keep the Irish dancing community alive and strong. It is my firm believe that all the dancers and the schools in the Nordic Countries are dependent on each other for survival as I believe that we need to pull together to keep promoting Irish dancing successfully. Irish dancing promotes Irish dancing in it self and so the more the better, and a strong and vivid Irish dancing community gives support and inspiration to everybody involved. This is especially important now that An Coimisiún is urging us to get involved and “serious” (read: produce TCRG’s) if we want to keep the Feis. I do hope that we will be able to “get serious” in a not so distant future. I think this is crucial for the Feis to keep continuing as an annual Nordic happening, but also fore the benefit of advancing the standard of our own dancing. But I think that to get there we need inspiration and support form each other as it is hard work to get the TCRG and it can get quite lonely being the only teacher in your area. I think the Nordic feis our most important sours of inspiration, fore both old and new, ”serious” and “semi serious” dancers. Especially because it includes dancers with out TCRG teachers and it’s a good environment for beginners and a way to get kids and theirs parents involved. This is why I think that NSID is such an important organization and I want to give my contribution. My two previous year as chairwoman I have work to edit the feis handbook. This was to make the feis easier to organize and to give it a higher stander. I wish to continue this work at improving the feis for both dancers and organizers. I also what continue the planning of a workshop program helping aspiring TCRGs and I want to create more and easier ways for the Nordic dancers to meet and communicate. One is to make an annual happening of the NSID workshop the other is to work with Yvonne to continue improving NSID webpage, the facebook group etc. I want the Nordic dancers to communicate and feel that they are part of a bigger community. And I want the dancers to have influence over NSID. NSID should be whatever the Nordic dancers need it and want it to be. Last, but not least, the committee has been talking about finding funds where NSID could apply money maybe on behalf of groups and schools (as it is often easier to get funding as an over national non profit organization) and I wish to continue exploring these possibilities as well.

I have a lot of experience from organizations and theater. I’ve been manager and chairwoman of the theater board in the Oslo Student Theatre. I have produced and co produced several student theater productions and been chairwoman of several electoral committees at the Norwegian Student Organization. I also have experience as treasurer both in the student theatre and fore the Oslo student festival; STUDiO, were I am treasurer fore the second time this year. With my two year as chairwoman I have learnt a lot and being more inspired then ever to improve NSID and strengthen the Nordic dance community I know I will do a good job. So I’m hoping to get the chance to continue working with Irish dancers and Irish dance enthusiasts from all the Nordic countries.

Previous assignements:
NSID Chairwoman 2009-2012
NSID Member 2013