Sep 072015

Dear all!

We are sorry to have kept you waiting, but finally we are happy to inform you that:
Registration for The Nordic Feis 2015 i Turku is now open.

Please download and read the instructions in:
Nordic Feis 2015 Registration guide
and then download and fill in the:
Nordic Feis 2015 Registration Form

Send your registration to: turkufeis(a) Add as a subject / heading “registration: the name of the competitor or the team captain, school (if any). E.g. Registration: Daisy Dancer, Dance Academy.

Please hurry up and register as soon as possible, as registration for Grade Exams close already on 20th of September and registration for Competition Categories 27th of September.

After you get a confirmation for your registration, please make your payment to our feis account. See the Nordic Nordic Feis 2015 Registration guide for further instructions.

We hope to see you all soon in Turku! Happy dancing!

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