Agnes Halén – Member No: 100

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Feb 252001

Agnes, the second from the right (in sun-glasses), dancing the polka at the Örebro Irish Summerschool 2000

Agnes Halén is 22 years old, and has been dancing Irish dance for two and a half years. She has also been dancing jazz dance for quite a while, and she has taken academic dance studies for one year. She is now studying architecture. Agnes lives in Stockholm, where she dances at the “Kulturama” school. She has also taken classes in Irish dance in London for half a year.


Agnes, in the middle, at the show “Riverhans” together with The Irish Dancing Project

Agnes is a member of the big group “Stockholm Irish Dancers”, and has recently started a smaller group together with two other dancers, in which the Irish dance will be combined with live Irish music. The goal with the dancing is for Agnes to have fun, and to do good performances on stage. The dance and the Irish culture are big parts of Agnes’ life, with training, meeting dancing friends and having fun at Irish pubs! Her favourite dance is the Slip Jig. When answering the question how it feels to be member number 100, Agnes says it feels good to finally have joined the Nordic Society of Irish Dancers. We wish her very welcome to the society!

Interview made by Madeleine Askelöf

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