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Oct 192015

A big thank you to our adjudicator, musician, organizers, volunteers and participants at the Nordic Feis 2015, for two great and joyful days of Irish Dancing and competing in Turku!

And a big: Congratulations to our two new Nordic Champions:

Nordic Champion 2015 under 18:
Ida Elene Eriksen from Celtic Inspiration Dance Company (Norway)

Nordic Champion 2015 over 18:
Laura Kätkänäho from InSpiral Dance Company (Finland)

The results from the Nordic Feis 2015 are now out, and can be found here.

Oct 162015

Finally the day has arrived, and it is with great joy we welcome you all to the Nordic Feis 2015 in Turku.

A special welcome to our adjudicator Angela McDonagh, our musician William Paterson and our vendor Mairi Ferguson!

For those of you doing Grade Exams later on today: Good Luck!

And to all of you: Safe travel! See you soon.

LogoNordicFeis2015-by Pasi Degerström

Oct 112015

Not even a full week left before the Nordic Feis 2015 kicks of in Turku. Hurrah!

Please find Timetable for the Nordic Feis 2015 here. The timetable might still be subject to some minor changes, but we will try to stick to it as far as possible.

Filming of a documentary at the Nordic Feis
With approval from An Coimisiún, NSID and the Feis Committee has agreed to the filming of a documentary at the Nordic Feis, led by Essi Lahtinen-Carranza from Style Dance Industry. The documentary aims to bring attention to Irish dancing, in all it variations, throughout the Northern countries.

The crew will do most of the filming on Saturday. It will be done discretely by hand held devices by to 1 or 2 persons. You probably won’t even notice them, as they have promised to be as “invisible” as possible. The crew will respect everyone’s privacy and need to concentrate for their performances.

Upon the registration we will ask each and every one for their consent to participate. You might be asked if you are willing to be interviewed, and you’re approval will be obtained as to whether you are comfortable and willing to be visible on film. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please do not hesitate to the Committee.

Sep 072015

Dear all!

We are sorry to have kept you waiting, but finally we are happy to inform you that:
Registration for The Nordic Feis 2015 i Turku is now open.

Please download and read the instructions in:
Nordic Feis 2015 Registration guide
and then download and fill in the:
Nordic Feis 2015 Registration Form

Send your registration to: turkufeis(a) Add as a subject / heading “registration: the name of the competitor or the team captain, school (if any). E.g. Registration: Daisy Dancer, Dance Academy.

Please hurry up and register as soon as possible, as registration for Grade Exams close already on 20th of September and registration for Competition Categories 27th of September.

After you get a confirmation for your registration, please make your payment to our feis account. See the Nordic Nordic Feis 2015 Registration guide for further instructions.

We hope to see you all soon in Turku! Happy dancing!

Aug 252015

Dear all!

We are happy to inform you that the syllabus and a preliminary timetable for the Nordic Feis 2015 is now published. Click here to download:
Syllabus for the Nordic Feis 2015
Preliminary timetable PDF

Please note that registration will open on Tuesday 1st of September, and close allready on September 27th – so the sooner you register, the better!

And remember to check the Feis page for all updates!

Happy dancing everybody – We hope to see you all in Turku!

LogoNordicFeis2015-by Pasi Degerström

Aug 102015


Time flies, and The Nordic Feis 2015 in Turku is drawing closer.

For those of you who are planning to do Grade Exams at the Feis, make sure to let your teacher(s) know, so they can inform the Committee!

If you are one of the brave and hard working people, doing grade 11 or 12, please send an email to:
asewaglen(a), as soon as possible. This is of high importance, as these exams have to be reported to An Coimisiún, so the right adjudicator is sent to the Feis, etc.

Happy dancing and Feis preparations, everybody!